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"Art is the language by which

my soul expresses itself..."




Since my inception, I was attracted to the human figure. I have painted many still lifes using them as a way of learning but I have always felt a special connection with the instants and I wanted to freeze them to make them eternal. This is how my romance with the nude began and I have used the female figure and the romantic interiors as a means to communicate those feelings. 

With the passage of time, my interior has asked me to take that romanticism and those instants, outside the walls of a room. There was born my stage with "funds", where I was looking for a magical union, an oneiric relationship between the figure and the background of the work, to touch those points inside that always lead to dream. 

Since I am an artist of always restless mind and giving rise to everything that my interior wishes to express, I wanted to externalize the interiors of people through the stage "Va de Yoes" in which the angels have served me as an instrument to represent the essence of being. 

In my constant search and without departing from my essence, the desire to immortalize moments, I decide to go beyond the body barrier and into the deep and unknown world of minds. This is where born "Minds and Worlds"  and I find a new language that I love even more, if it is possible. Minds and Worlds leads me to delve into an immensity of situations, thoughts, feelings and emotions that exist in the mind of each person and I seek to externalize them on the canvas. 

Minds and Worlds focuses on three communicating lines. The first one is my current interpretation of stories and literature known throughout the world. Some of them have the wealth to be interpreted and lived in different angles. We see then, paintings like "Adam and Eve" or "I am Quixote", very old literature that I show under the influence and current scenarios, without losing their identity. 

How funny the creation of non-existent worlds or situations becomes when we let our imagination fly. Who at any time in your life has not given way to visualize and tell what your mind creates? Fantasy lives in each one of us and becomes an imaginary escape from reality. To express a little subtle fantasy, fun, romantic and at all times deep, is the second objective of Minds and Worlds. 

The third line talks about the everyday life, both of the sublime feelings and thoughts, as well as of ignorance, neglect, guilt, repentance and the reference to the interminable internal questioning: Who I am? Who we are? 

How many moments, how many mental images, how many experiences and dreams, how many worlds in each of our lives. Discover them, recreate them, investigate and walk, get along and understand, is the purpose of "Minds and Worlds". That the forms obtained through my brushes and paintings, are the windows to interact with that interior that screams in silence. 


                                                                                                              Alexandre Monntoya







Alexandre Monntoya born on January 16, 1974 in Roldanillo (Valle) Colombia.

He learns the basics of the perspective in the INEM school in the city of Pereira where he graduated with a Bachelor Industrial.
In 1995 he sold his first painting, a still life with mixed media from pencil and pastel, an architect in the city of Pereira.
In 1996 he opened a small gallery in the city of Cali and begins to become more involved in the drawing to be more in touch with local artists.
Every day feels more motivated to paint "he says", because he knows he has easily with brush ​and because his heart swells with joy and peace when he is in contact with painting every night.
All his artistic academy has been empirical. His school has been learn in every brushstroke, and each color combination, always evaluating their work with a self-criticism and permanent requirement.
Take part in some exhibitions and at 24 years won first prize in a painting competition for young talent in Valle del Cauca.
In 2001 he decides to close his gallery in Colombia and move to Spain to grow as an artist.
In all these years there have been various processes, experiences, study and learning, constant work as an artist and as a person, to become in the Alexandre Monntoya that he is today.


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