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Minds and Worlds takes me to delve into an immensity of situations, thoughts, feelings and emotions that exist in the mind of each person and I seek to externalize them on the canvas.

Minds and Worlds focuses on three communicating lines. The first one is my current interpretation of stories and literature known all over the world. Some of them have the richness to be interpreted and experienced from different angles.  Thus, we see paintings such as "Adam and Eve" or "Soy Quijote", very old literature that is shown under current influence and scenarios, without losing its identity.

How fun the creation of non-existent worlds or situations becomes when we let our imagination run wild. Who at some point in his life has not given way to visualize and tell what his mind believes? Fantasy lives in each of us and becomes an imaginary escape from reality. Capturing a bit of subtle, fun, romantic and at all times deep fantasy is the second objective of Minds and Worlds.

The third line speaks of everyday life, both sublime feelings and thoughts, as well as ignorance, neglect, guilt, repentance and the reference to the endless internal questioning: Who am I? About us?

How many moments, how many mental images, how many experiences and dreams, how many worlds in each of our lives. Discovering them, recreating them, investigating and strolling, getting along and understanding, is the purpose of “Minds and Worlds”. Let the forms achieved through my brushes and paintings be the windows to interact with that interior that screams in silence.

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