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Alexandre Monntoya was born on January 16, 1974 in Roldanillo (Valle) Colombia.
The basic concepts of perspective are learned at the INEM school in the city of Pereira where he graduated as an Industrial Bachelor.
In 1995 he sold his first painting, a still life with a mixed technique between pencil and pastel, to an architect in the city of Pereira.
In 1996 he opened a small gallery in the city of Cali and began to get more involved in drawing as he was more in contact with the artists in the area. Every day he feels more motivated to paint "he says" because he knows that he has ease with the brush and because his heart swells with joy and peace by being in contact night after night with painting.
His entire artistic Academy has been given empirically. His school has been learning in each brush stroke and color combination, evaluating his work with permanent self-criticism and demand.
He participates in some exhibitions and at the age of 24 in a contest he wins the first prize for painting for Vallecaucano young talent.
In 2001 he decides to close his gallery in Colombia and move to Spain to grow as an artist.
In all these years there have been various processes, experiences, study and learning, constant work as an artist and as a person, to find what Alexandre Monntoya is today.

Currently, Monntoya Art Studio is located in Italy, at the foot of the Biellese Prealps, a haven of peace and inspiration to transmit in his language, the internal world that each one of us lives as human beings.


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